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George Blood LP

George Blood LP
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
George Blood LP is hosting an in-person and virtual Nitrate Packing and Shipping workshop the day after the SMA conference concludes less than an hour north of Wilmington, DE. The workshop provides a more affordable and time saving alternative to being able to pack and ship nitrate film than is otherwise available. For additional information and to register visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nitrate-packing-and-shipping-workshop-certification-tickets-505507535647

For more than 20 years, the Open Archival Information System reference model has been the guide for long-term digital preservation. Likewise, NDSA’s Levels of Digital Preservation has helped institutions assess where they are and plan their next steps. For over 30 years, George Blood LP has been working with archives that are ready to move past planning and into the production stage. In that time, we have helped large and small institutions preserve over 1.25 million machine dependent audiovisual records on obsolete media. Our unique experience with antiquated data carriers helps us understand what can go wrong with digital storage over time. From metadata to checksums, we have worked to ensure that content, now preserved through digital surrogates, will remain accessible for future generations.

We offer:
  • door-to-door pick up in Boston, New York City, Washington, DC and surrounding areas
  • climate-controlled storage with fire protection, PEM loggers, and secure access
  • laboratory for conservation treatments with fume hoods, temperature-controlled ovens, and every known format of tape cleaner
  • playback of over 200 audiovisual formats and over 50 data formats
  • world class Engineers with over 50 Grammy nominations and 2 dozen Grammy awards
  • full time Quality Control staff checking every deliverable
  • library and archives professionals throughout the organization including Collections Care and Project Management

Our ongoing in-house research and development explores factors affecting the entire lifecycle of preservation. We widely share our findings through conference presentations and scholarly publications.

To discuss how George Blood LP can help you with your collection survey or digitization needs, visit our team in the Resource Hall of the conference hotel. 

Rachel Del Gaudio has been in the archival industry for more than 15 years working at the Academy Film Archive and Library of Congress before moving on to George Blood LP. She will be overseeing the George Blood LP booth in the Resource Hall and would be happy to answer any media (especially film) related questions.